The HUB Child & Family Centre

Sally Keller

I have done childcare most of my life. I have counted over 110 children that have been with me over my 40 years of experience. I started a family of my own and that is when I started childcare, so I could be with my children more and make an income. 
  When I moved to PEC I became a childcare provider for Prince Edward Child Daycare Service, now known as the HUB Child & Family Centre. I have seen so many children come and go. My children have grown up and now I get to enjoy the company of my grandchild, as today I care for him. I also adopted two wonderful children and I have three children of my own and two stepchildren. As a grandmother I have three grandchildren and one on the way. 

Krista Cooke


I have been working with the HUB since 2009. I started out at the Picton Centre and then began doing home childcare in 2012, after I had my first child.

 I am a Mom of 3 beautiful kiddos.

 Childcare is something I have always enjoyed doing and I have been very blessed over the years to watch many little ones, and each one holds a special place in my heart.

 We enjoy many activities throughout the day such as yoga, Zumba, craft, circle and story time, lots of play based learning, and outdoor play in our fenced in backyard.

 We have healthy snacks and meals that follow Canada's food guide.

 I love my job and look forward to many more years of it.

Reyjanne Marshall


I have worked at The HUB for the past 6 years in various programs throughout, gaining experience in a wide variety of environments with children 0-12. I am also a mom of two young, active boys. Throughout the day, I follow a routine that involves story time, crafts, physical activity, games and indoor and outdoor play-based learning experiences, lead by the children’s interest. 

I love what I do and find each day in this field as rewarding as the one before it. 

Casandra Brandsma

I have previously worked in a daycare setting in the small town of Hornepayne, Ontario. I worked mainly in the preschool room, however I also helped out in infant care up to 18 months from time to time. I really enjoyed building solid relationships with the kids and always had a fun craft or activity planned to encourage play based learning.
Move forward a couple of years, I now have two kids of my own, a Boy Tiberius (Ti) going to be 4 in May, loves outdoor adventures, singing, dancing and colouring. He’s a story teller and has a great love for his little sister Artemis (Ari) she will be 2 in August. Ari is our little personality, she’s always trying to make everyone laugh, and she loves dance parties, baking up a storm and singing.

I’m excited for this summer to set up an outdoor garden for the kids to learn about growing food and being able to enjoy the outdoor time! We have about an acre fenced in, with a play structure in the yard, as well as a great space for exploring frogs and other small animals. I enjoy child led play, and let them take the lead through their interests and understand that things change quickly. I am able to adapt to their new interests, creating activities to grow their imaginations. 

Mariann Cretney

Home Childcare Manager